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You can also install a wireless doorbell with a video intercom that connects to a phone. It means that if anyone tries any dirty tricks, you can scare them away by letting them know you’re not an old and helpless person and you will also have a crystal clear image of them to show the police if they rob anyone in the local area.

These devices used to be expensive and not very good, but these days they are brilliant, offering HD footage and easy installation.

If you are dealing with an individual you deem to be local, then you can simply contact law enforcement.

If you have details regarding any ISP or phone network, then you can also call those to report your issue.

They are also much cheaper than they were and well worth the price.

They often use numbers that are untraceable and the law rarely cares because there is too much hassle involved.

As mentioned above, for more details on each of those, just visit individual pages on this site.

There are many different scams online and they come in many forms.

But in truth, it didn’t detect anything and it may be that the only malicious program on your computer is the fake anti-virus program. Just remember to use the internet to your advantage in order to stop these scams.

You can instantly search for a company to find out if it’s legit and if it has wronged anyone in the past.

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