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When in a relationship, Instagram brings jealousy and competition to a whole new level.Opportunity is literally at our fingertips whether it’s realistic or not.Whether it be modeling, fashion design or photography, you can promote whatever you want to on your account.When you have long-distance relationships in your life, you can share all of the things you’re doing while miles away with one simple click or share a post when you’re missing one another.

However, all of that is immature, which is why I’d have to categorize it as the bad of Twitter too.

You can follow models, celebrities or even porn stars.

You scroll through your feed and have unlimited photos of people exposing themselves however they choose.

I obviously think the latter is the better choice, but it’s not easy to expose that insecurity you might have because of the, comment that you might hear in response.

But really, even if it is just Instagram, some people take those innocent likes as flirting, and no woman or man wants their significant other to be taken as flirting with someone else.

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In this day and age, you know that social networks will affect your life in one way or another.

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