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She could wear a white corset with a front zipper and big purple flower prints matched with a pair of jeans and a green blazer or a pink dress with polka dots and a denim jacket.

She can accessorize with a brown handbag with vintage prints, many bracelets and pink flowers in her hair.

BOY DRESS UP: Justin wants to look really cool on his first date with Katie, help him get ready!

A dress, a skirt and a cute top or chic pants and a fabulous blouse – it’s up to you to design!The free nails games are a great way to create the trendiest manicure designs.One of the most popular games are the cooking ones and you can invite all your friends to learn delicious recipes and improve your skills in the art of cooking candies.WATCHING STARS: Stargazing is not only super romantic but also... Watch the night sky with Katie and Justin, connect the stars and learn the shapes – circle, square, triangle, heart and more!MOVIE: Watch videos for kids, earn extra coins and use them to unlock new game items!

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