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“Redemption unfolds as horror-hero Joe Kieran’s finish-line sprint down the last leg of Everson’s addictive occult storyline of blood-gushing demonic machinations, cursed existential characters, and abominations incarnate.

Everson is a MASTER of the hardcore; he’s the rare kind of writer who’s so good you can’t proceed with your day until the book is finished.

fit=300,157" data-large-file="https://i1com/ fit=525,275" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-238" src="https://i1com/ resize=300,157" alt="Men Streaking " srcset="https://i1com/ resize=300,157 300w, https://i1com/ resize=768,402 768w, https://i1com/ resize=1024,536 1024w, https://i1com/ w=1200 1200w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" data-recalc-dims="1" /National Novel Writing Month is like a marathon for writers.

It’s designed to be hard, and designed to push you to write every day. Like anyone training for a marathon, it helps to know how fast you can run a mile, and how long you can sustain that pace. My favorite tip – 3 Do not rewrite, do not delete Trying to do so would be like trying to run a marathon in a tuxedo without breaking a sweat. Join us on Sunday for a Topic Chat graphic of sprints " data-medium-file="https://i2com/

You may be experiencing one or all of these characteristics, but only you can decide for sure if S.

fit=300,272" data-large-file="https://i2com/ fit=525,476" class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-231" src="https://i2com/ resize=300,272" alt="word sprints" srcset="https://i2com/ resize=300,272 300w, https://i2com/ resize=768,696 768w, https://i2com/ resize=1024,928 1024w, https://i2com/ w=1300 1300w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" data-recalc-dims="1" /It is that Na No Wri Mo time of year and I hope everyone will enjoy a ‘prompt’ chat.

You do not need to be a November Novel Writing Month Participant to join us.

The following behaviors have been experienced by members.

We use the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous to recover from these compulsions. If you answer yes to any combination of these questions and think you may be struggling with sex and love addiction, you are welcome in S.

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No matter what you have planned, forget it; you won’t bother until you’ve turned the last page. ) Everson kicks out the jambs in this gory story of haunted religious missions, mind-boggling sex-rituals, and jaunts into Hell (and let’s not forget the communal demonic toilet! This is balls-to-the-wall, no-f–ing-around hardcore horror that hits the reader with the impact of a bucket of hot blood and innards in the face. ” Mary S photo " data-medium-file="https://i1com/ fit=185,300" data-large-file="https://i1com/ fit=444,720" class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-152" src="https://i1com/ resize=185,300" alt="Mary S photo" srcset="https://i1com/ resize=185,300 185w, https://i1com/ w=444 444w" sizes="(max-width: 185px) 100vw, 185px" data-recalc-dims="1" /Mary San Giovanni is the author of the THE HOLLOWER trilogy (the first of which was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award), THRALL, CHAOS, CHILLS, and the forthcoming SAVAGE WOODS, and the novellas FOR EMMY, POSSESSING AMY, THE FADING PLACE, and NO SONGS FOR THE STARS and the forthcoming A QUIET PLACE AT WORLD’S END, as well as the collections UNDER COVER OF NIGHT, A DARKLING PLAIN, the forthcoming NIGHT MOVES and A WEIRDISH WILD SPACE.

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