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Because of the Gadites proximity to the Jordan River, it was more involved with the western tribes of Israel than the other Transjordan tribes of Reuben and East Manasseh.Their land, as well as those of all the Transjordan, was much more adequately supplied with water than the western tribes.Nadav Na'aman differentiates the territories of Gad and Reuben in describing the location of the Biblical Mishor, or "plain".Na'aman argues the Mishor extended north of the Arnon River, up to the southern border of Ammon.The Mishor and Assyrian Transjordan Province, like the two tribes, bordered each other.

Rabbath-ammon, or modern day Amman, Jordan, is called "the city of waters" in the Old Testament.

This line effectively separates the Mishor and Reuben's allotment from that of their brethren to the north.

The tribe of East Manasseh would occupy the land of Bashan, which lie to the immediate north and east.

These victories were not intended to be battles in the first place.

Indeed, all the Transjordanian tribes occupied land which Scripture seems to imply was not on the initial agenda for Israelite conquest.

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