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Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. The name of Hutton is formed and derived from the two Saxon words Hou, a hill, and Tun, a house, U dwelling, a town, a vill, or a district. We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. This derivation is so well grounded, that the parish of Hutton, in Essex, was anciently named Hou only, as appears from records,^ so that the name signifies a town or village on a hill, of the same import as the names Hilton and Houghton. For an abundant proof of this, we shall have recourse only to one page of Registr. Surtees's Memoir, the atten- tion of the reader must be called to Nos. According to Sir Cuthbert Sharp, — who is excellent authority upon such a subject, having lately published a very interesting account of the re- bellion of 1569, — the proclamation before us differs in some important respects from those which have come under his inspection ; and, for that reason, a place has been assigned to it in our pages. CLXXII., CLXXV, CLXXVI., CLXXVII., CLXXVIIL, and CLXXIX. The Earls do not appear to have had recourse to the press, but con- tented themselves with disseminating their grievances and purposes in writing. Eat quidam mag^iater qui nuper peroravit in scholia medicia qui non capit jocos per aures, sed per aurihus.

Vos, Doctores sonmolenti Vos Oxoniensea, vos accipitis jocoa ut furea accipiunt pecuniam ; imponitis in loeuloa, ut, tanquam proprios, Oxoniam deferatis sed a vobis recedo ad Procuratores.^ Tu bos, tu asine, vos estis duo fulmina, sed bruta fulmiua. Ad te satis lau- dandum quot verborum plaustra desiderantur ! All the Original Letters mentioned in these Memoires, or copied in the Appendix, are now (1768) in the possession of John Hutton, of Marske, Esq.] * The letters which Dr. Et primo observandum est, quod ille nihil fere habuit per totam ejus orationem nisi salve^ salve, salve.^ • See Peacock, on the Statutes of the University of Cambridge. • The wit must here consist in making these words monosyllables. Joannensis porcas dixit noe Jesuitan esse Papintas. If anything could have struck terror into the I thentic. Prodiit, inquam, umbra, cum suis obscuris jocis ; hoc est, Fauxius cum sua nigra lanterna ; imo et illo obscurior, nam Fauxius statim fiiit apprehensus, at credo hunc hominem vix quisquam vestrum potuit apprehendere. It anytnmg couia m H ' Queen Eliwibeth's Progres ^L ' Nicbols. Liceat mihi pauca animadvertere in Oratorem Joannensem ante Actum Medicum.

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