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Stansbury had also engaged in prostitution, and based on that experience, she knew what M. Stansbury explained that she was angry and using methamphetamine when she wrote the comment and had no idea how old M. engaged in prostitution was in Centerville when she was fourteen years old. I mean I might have translated a little bit before for people that don't speak English—I'm just helping people you know? Kelly's mother was still alive at that time; she owned the house and controlled who lived and visited there. Shelton was still living in the house when the search was conducted on the house, and Jason Mc Kinney was her boyfriend at the time. During these calls, Kelly stated, “I didn't do nothing. M., Kelly said, “The only way they got a case is if she takes the stand, you know.”After the State rested, Nicole Shelton testified that she had lived in the middle room of the house at 702 East Collard for about seven or eight months beginning on October 2, 2012. but never associated with her until she began living at Kelly's house in October 2012. When she was with Kelly, they would just “[c]hill and hang out and party.” M. Kelly's mother ran the house when she was alive and would give M. said that she did not live with Kelly in Centerville but that she did stay off and on with her. Kelly's grandmother owned the house, and Kelly's mother lived in the house. Her mother had engaged in prostitution at times as well.

Beginning in about June 2012, Stansbury would take Alfredo over to Kelly's house, drop him off, and then pick him back up later. I just know I would drop [Alfredo] off and pick him up.” Stansbury moved on from Alfredo and started seeing Michael Briock on August 2, 2012, but she and M. had a dispute over Alfredo until about December 2012. asked Carnal to go to the park with her so that Carnal could be a lookout while M. would also “come looking for trouble” at the house. But [Kelly] didn't force nobody to do nothing that they didn't want to do.” Carnal said that she heard that M. M.] first came around that was it, she was there all the time.” Carnal was positive about the timeframe even though her own overall drug use, including having done heavy drugs in the preceding two or three years and having smoked pot as recently as three days before testifying, had affected her memory. Carnal finally left Kelly's house in about November or December 2012 with Stephanie Stansbury. having sex for money in the middle bedroom of the house during those months.

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