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I really hate these sex bots, they are everywhere from Twitter to xbox now.

I don't know how they get usernames when I never sign up for jack shit with those accounts.

How we interact with AI as humans, as well as how a seductive machine could in turn manipulate us.

The very well written script poses philosophical questions such as is there moral or immoral ways to treat AI.

It also considers if sometimes part of being human is that we sometimes subconsciously want to be fooled by an illusion, if it is attractive enough.

In many ways Ex Machina resembles last years Under the Skin. In the earlier film Scarlett Johansson played an alien, here Alicia Vikander plays an android.

I found out an easy way to stop Xbox sex bots for the time being though-- Heres the conversation- I personally never got a message by a bot before, lots of minecraft invites, but never bots.

I personally never got a message by a bot before, lots of minecraft invites, but never bots.

If you find a link that is not current then please email me I have several chatbots.But these restrictions have been used to the films advantage, as the unknown cast surprise more given little is known of them and the restricted setting gives off a claustrophobic feel which works well, while forcing us to focus in even more on the ideas being put in front of us.A scene setting ambient soundtrack additionally creates just the right off-kilter mood to accentuate the events.While the very small cast all acquit themselves very well, it is Vikander who stands out in the film's most challenging role.It's a nuanced performance that captures the fine balance between the human-like and machine.

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