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If expenditures were higher than baseline in the first few years, then additional revenues above those described here would be needed.However, these higher costs would be more than offset by savings which would accrue within the first decade of the program.” Universal coverage could be financed with a 7 percent payroll tax, a 2 percent income tax, and current federal payments for Medicare, Medicaid, and other state and federal government insurance programs.You have to prove that you are indeed in a financial emergency, and this takes time.The combination of grants for single mothers and housing assistance should get you going in the right direction.The entries are listed chronologically, oldest to newest.were to shift to a system of universal coverage and a single payer, as in Canada, the savings in administrative costs [10 percent of health spending] would be more than enough to offset the expense of universal coverage” (“Canadian Health Insurance: Lessons for the United States,” 90 pgs, ref no: T-HRD-91-90. “If the nation adopted…[a] single-payer system that paid providers at Medicare’s rates, the population that is currently uninsured could be covered without dramatically increasing national spending on health.A single mother will also be eligible for low cost mortgage loans with this option.

Later, the cap on the growth of the national health budget would hold the rate of growth of spending below the baseline.The only way to qualify for these emergency housing grants is to prove that you are indeed having a financial problem and cannot currently pay your rent and bills.If you recently lost your job or just don’t have the necessary funds because you don’t make much money and live at the poverty level, then gaining housing assistance shouldn’t be difficult.The bill contains many of the elements that would make its limit on expenditures reasonably likely to succeed, including a single payment mechanism, uniform reporting by all providers, and global prospective budgets for hospitals and nursing homes.” (“Estimates of Health Care Proposals from the 102nd Congress” ref: (Senator Paul Wellstone’s single payer bill) would raise national health expenditures above baseline by 4.8 percent in the first year after implementation.However, in subsequent years, improved cost containment and the slower growth in spending associated with the new system would reduce the gap between expenditures in the new system and the baseline.

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By year five (and in subsequent years) the new system would cost less than baseline.

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